How has ‘Little Shim Eun-ha’ changed, which appeared on a regular tour in a year?

“Little Shim Eun-ha” Lee Se-hee, who appeared on the regular tour at the Lotte Rental Car Women’s Open in the “2021 KLPGA Tour Opening” at Lotte Skyhill Jeju Country Club in Seogwipo, Jeju Island, showed moisture on the regular tour for the first time in about a year.

Lee Se-hee, a professional golfer who was born on December 9, 1997 and joined the KLPGA in 2017. It’s Shim Eun-ha, an entertainer.(Photo shows the front of the house on February 3, 2004, when there was a lot of interest in making a comeback)

Lee Se-hee, who showed a lot of interest with her innocent appearance at the time reminiscent of Shim Eun-ha’s debut, caught the attention of galleries with her more mature beauty and clear features.

Lee Se-hee attended the Hoban Seoul Newspaper Women’s Classic (total prize money of 1 billion won) game held at H1 Club (par 72, 6,654 yards) in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do on the 22nd.

Lee Se-hee, who joined KLPGA in 2017, ranked second in the 2020 KLPGA Dream Tour King of Kings and fourth in the 2020 Dream Tour prize money list. 바카라사이트

In the 2021 season, he won the fourth round of the Dream Tour, ranked third in the second round of the Dream Tour, ninth in the fifth round of the Dream Tour, and sixth in the eighth round of the Dream Tour, steadily building his skills to enter the regular tour.

Lee Se-hee tied for 31st with a three-under-par total of 141 shots with three birdies and two bogeys in the first round, four birdies in the second round, and two bogeys.

Lee Se-hee worked hard on putting practice, which was a disadvantage in winter training. As a result, the cut was successful in this competition.

Meanwhile, the KLPGA regular tour, which has a break time in the first half, will start the second half with the “Jeju Samdasoo Masters” held in Jeju, Elisaan, on the 4th.

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