Foreign media said, “Lee Jung-hoo’s defense could be terrible-great… It should be considered a promising contract.”

Many media outlets, including MLBcom and CBS Sports, reported on the 13th (Korea time), “The San Francisco Giants signed an opt-out (FA declaration after breaking the contract) with Lee Jung-hoo for six years and $113 million (about 148.6 billion won).”

A deal worth a whopping 36 million dollars for six years for Ryu Hyun-jin, 28 million dollars for Kim Ha-sung’s four-year guarantee, and 39 million dollars for four plus one year. The Kiwoom Heroes, which will send Lee Jung-hoo to the team, will also receive up to 18.825 million dollars (about 24.7 billion won).

The Athletic, a renowned American media outlet, conducted questions and answers about fans interested in Lee Jung-hoo through an article on the 14th.

When asked if Lee Jung-hoo was a batter with home run power, he answered “No” firmly and said, “Lee Jung-hoo only hit 23 home runs in the 2022 season. It is refreshing that San Francisco has hired a left-handed batter with weak power.” 온라인카지노사이트

When asked if he thought center field defense would be possible, he said, “It can be terrible or great,” listing cases in which San Francisco has failed to recruit center field players.

When asked if Lee Jung-hoo’s recruitment will enable San Francisco fans to purchase season tickets, he said, “Not yet. We have to wait and see until June next year or June 2025,” adding, “Lee Jung-hoo’s recruitment should be understood as signing a top prospect in advance rather than a recruitment for immediate victory. It should be viewed as the same contract as the Milwaukee Brewers signed with Jackson Churio (eight years, 82 million dollars) last season, which was 19 years old.”

“It is difficult to say that Lee Jung-hoo will become an All-Star player in the 2024 season right away, and he may be able to become an All-Star player by 2026,” he said, insisting that Lee Jung-hoo’s young age and adaptation period should be considered.

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