What’s going on in front of the junior?

We call it ‘Wonsan bombing’ when you put your arms behind you and support the floor only with your feet and head. Called a kind of martial arts in the military, this posture can be easily thought of as a combination of lying down and stretching out and taking a break. During the game, however, the senior player put his head in front of the junior player and grabbed his back. What happened? 온라인경마

On the 3rd, a game between OK Financial Group and Woori Card in the “Dodram 2023-2024 V-League” was held at Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province. The two teams competed fiercely until the full set. Matay bombed 42 points, including 15 back attacks, 4 serve aces and 2 blocks, leading Woori Card to win with a set score of 3-2 (25-21 21-25 25-19 28-30 15-13). Woori Card supported not only Matay, but also Han Sung-jung with 16 points and Kim Ji-han with 14 points.

In particular, Han has played the role of breadwinner, as he has evenly distributed in both offense and defense. He has been displaying high purity attacks with a high attack success rate (51.81%) in 13 games this season. He has also enhanced the variety of Woori Card attacks by posting a high success rate in the race from the time difference (ranking ninth in the league). He is also outstanding in defense with 39.94 percent receiving efficiency and 1.766 digs per set. He is ranking sixth overall in the league, excluding Libero.

After going to KB Insurance through a trade and returning to his team after a year and five months, he is an indispensable person in his team, taking responsibility for offense, defense and the atmosphere of the team. Han Sung-jung, who was like that, hit his head in the game on the day. Why did he do that.

Han Seong-jeong hit the ball that Han Tae-joon setter put up in the first set, but failed to attack and saw Han Tae-joon’s face. Han was blaming himself for losing a point due to his mistake, and Han Seon-jeong saw this, saying, “It’s all my fault.” Han Tae-joon (19), a teenage setter, created an interesting situation so that he could play his own game without being intimidated.

Seeing this, Han approached Han Sung-jung, smiled together, and played his own game unwavering. Han is in his second year as a professional player who joined the club as the fourth overall pick in last year’s rookie draft. Han played in only 45 sets in 18 games last season, but is participating in all games as a starting setter in this season. He already broke the record of last year’s participation with 48 sets in 13 games. Han ranks first overall with an average of 12.438 sets per set. However, he still lacks experience, and is often seen shaking from a crisis.

So, Han wisely made his junior teammates feel at ease with his “Wonsan bombing” and “heading.” Manager Shin Young-chul also praised Han, saying that he has become much more mature in terms of skills and mind than before he went to KB Insurance.

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