The reason why Lee Jung-hoo’s contract is a big hit… He is an opt-out four years later, and he is still in his 20s at that time

Many media outlets, including MLBcom and CBS Sports, reported on the 13th (Korea time), “The San Francisco Giants signed an opt-out (FA declaration after breaking the contract) with Lee Jung-hoo for six years and $113 million (about 148.6 billion won).” 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Lee Jung-hoo aimed to advance to the Major League through the posting system after the 2023 season. Originally, the contract was expected to be between $50 million and $60 million, but he joined the San Francisco Giants for a whopping $113 million. This is a whopping three times the amount of Ryu Hyun-jin’s six-year 36 million, Kim Ha-sung’s four-year guarantee of $28 million, and 4+1 year 39 million.

Lee has surpassed even major league stars in Japan. He has surpassed Seiya Suzuki’s 85 million dollars for five years, Masataka Yoshida’s 90 million dollars for five years, and Kodai Senga’s 75 million dollars for five years. He has overcome the limits of the KBO League, a lower league, and signed a large-scale contract.

Lee even included opt-out conditions in a large-scale contract. The team can declare itself an FA after the 2027 season, which is four years from now. This heralds another large-scale contract.

What gave Lee high marks this time is his sophistication. Lee recorded a career batting average of 0.340 during seven seasons in the KBO League. His strikeout rate is only 5.9 percent this season. His contact rate exceeds 90 percent. His swing strike rate is maintained at around two to three points. He is truly a sophisticated contactor.

However, there are doubts about Lee. San Francisco only gave a high evaluation to Lee, and Lee must prove his sophistication by adapting to fastballs by pitchers in the Major League.

If Lee proves his sophistication even in the big leagues, opt-out four years later could be a “shape of God.” Lee is still 29 years old even after finishing the 2027 season. He is in his prime. In addition, if he proves his sophistication in the Major League, he could spark massive competition. He could sign a large-scale contract worth more than 113 million U.S. dollars.

Ohtani signed a 700 million dollar contract at the age of 29. Lee earned the right to opt out at the age of 29. Lee hit the 113 million dollar jackpot. If he shows good batting performance in the Major League, he will likely sign a bigger contract four years later.

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