The New One-Touch Monkees Treasure

Mobile First Game developer One Touch invites players to venture into the feature-rich jungle with the release of its latest slot, Monkey’s Treasure.

Hidden treasures of ancient empires can be revealed in the game, with two colorful primate companions guiding players through a 4×1 journey dotted with Aztec gems and vibrant jungle leaves.

Monkeys can win up to 2,200 times with masks and classic fruit symbols that can unlock various coin rewards, and they make energetic gestures to the gods above to ensure that the biggest rewards fall.

The fourth column of the game shows only special symbols and functions to add interest.

Wild symbols serve as a versatile replacement for all symbols, achieving four mammoths and securing maximum victory. 바카라

In addition to the adrenaline rush, there are multiplier symbols that feature multipliers of 2, 5, and 10, which can significantly increase the chance of winning.

For more work, the Respin symbol gives you additional spin even if you have already landed at the finish line, allowing you to continue your treasure hunt.

“We’re excited to add Monkey’s treasure to our portfolio with our sleek and vibrant visuals,” said Madis Raus, head of One Touch. “I can’t wait to invite players who travel wild through the landscape of small and medium-sized America. The title combines adventure, excitement, and the opportunity to enjoy a wealth of innovative features while having fun.”

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