The Korea Football Association conducted an online interview with coach Jurgen Klinsmann on the October A match call-up list through YouTube Live on the 9th.

On the same day, Klinsmann told various stories in front of the domestic media. Son Heung-min, who has recently been feared to be injured, expressed his thoughts on the selection of the national team and the gold medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

He also explained the ongoing controversy over “working from home” after his appointment. Since taking the helm of the South Korean national team, Klinsmann has been living abroad, traveling between Europe and the United States. Criticism is being followed for not checking domestic players directly. Klinsmann said, “The way I do the national team is different from the way I do the previous coaches of the Republic of Korea. We need to broaden our international perspective,” he said, nailing his intention not to reside in Korea.

He then expressed his thoughts on appearing on the panel of the US broadcaster ‘ESPN’. Klinsmann appeared on “ESPN” while living abroad and presented his opinion on overseas soccer matches. As a result, controversy naturally arose over a trip abroad. Korean fans criticized Klinsmann’s attitude of not focusing on the national team’s work.

However, Coach Klinsmann began by joking, “If there is a Korean soccer talk show, please invite me.” And he emphasized that his appearance on “ESPN” was “study, not work. He also explained, “It is to understand the flow and changes of modern soccer.” 안전놀이터

Here, a question came from director Klinsmann whether he would receive an appearance fee. After admitting that he was paid, director Klinsmann responded with a little anger, saying, “I don’t know how well (people) know about me.” “I run six children’s foundations and orphanages,” he continued. I also donate to society,” he replied. It can be interpreted as “I receive an appearance fee, but I’m using it for a good thing.”

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