“Sonny, you want to buy it so badly, don’t you?” Son Heung-min is the model for Tottenham’s Christmas

Tottenham launched a “Christmas Sweater” modeled after Son ahead of Christmas and is actively promoting it. Wearing a navy sweater that symbolizes Tottenham instead of red, Son is smiling while giving a thumbs up. The character of Santa Claus wearing a navy hat is cutely depicted.

Tottenham doesn’t use red on Christmas either. Red is the color that symbolizes its rival in North London, Arsenal. Tottenham players, including Son Heung-min, are so serious about Tottenham that they don’t drive red sports cars. 메이저 토토사이트

“We have launched a Christmas jumper. Twenty percent of the profits will be donated to the society through the Tottenham Foundation. Korean fans can receive the product directly from Korea at low shipping costs,” Tottenham said in an aggressive marketing campaign to its Korean fans.

In addition, Tottenham had a year-end atmosphere by selling various Christmas products such as Christmas Santa hats, socks, cards, dolls, tree decorations and mugs. The quality of the products is so good that consumers can’t stand it without opening their wallets.

Son Heung-min is undisputed No. 1 player in Tottenham’s uniform sales. With the departure of Harry Kane to Munich, Son is enjoying immense popularity at Tottenham. Tottenham is enthusiastic about sales to Korean fans, who have established themselves as “big hands.”

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