Scheduling Casino Rules WSOP and WPT

Two World Poker Tours have been locked in the World Series of Poker this summer, allowing professionals to tailor Las Vegas fixtures to multiple events with championship contestants.

The two major poker brands compete for players and have rivalry, but WSOP and WPT officials say the schedule has more to do with the nature of hosting tournaments than with brands that attract customers.

WPT CEO Steve Lipscomb said his company did not specifically schedule the Mandalay Bay Poker Championship (May 22-June 2) and the Bellagio Cup III Championship (starting today) to serve as WSOP’s bookend.

” (WSOP Commissioner) Jeffrey Pollock and I are friends and we both have each other’s schedules in mind,” Lipscomb said. “Of course there is competition and sometimes we compete for players but I believe both are made stronger by the presence of the other side.”

Lipscomb said his schedulers did their best not to record major tournaments during WSOP’s run.

But Bellagio, which wants to take advantage of players who have been brought into Las Vegas during the series, asked WPT to record their growing Bellagio Cup III championship event and WPT officials agreed.

The Bellagio Cup Championship Event begins today, one day after WSOP finishes the first four days of the Main Event. 안전한 파워볼사이트

Dozens of professional athletes who failed in the main event are trying to quench their thirst for victory by playing against millions of athletes in Bellagio.

The Bellagio event has two Day Ones, meaning more pros can make it to the WPT tournament after leaving WSOP Main Event Day 2A.

Justin Bonomo, Steve Paul Ambrose, Barry Shulman, Blair Rodman, Dan Shark, Roland de Wolff, Scott Fishman, Christie Guez, Joe Felton, David Ulliot, Michael Mizrachi and Antonio Espandiari are some of the famous professionals who play for Bellagio.

“Belagio matches always attract the best players,” Lipscomb said, “and the inclusion of the tournament on the schedule has more to do with that.”

Both brands see players as their main customers, meaning they don’t want their events to clash with other major tournaments.

“Our only plan is to schedule a super-special poker competition,” said Pollock. “We are not really worried about what others are doing.

Lipscomb said WSOP is likely to schedule one of the circuit events around WPT events, taking advantage of the participation of experts in the region.

Pollock disagreed, saying the schedule of circuit events depends entirely on when Hara’s various attributes book the tournament series.

Lipscomb said, “We’re trying to make sure the players don’t have to choose.” We had a row with the NBC Head-Up Championship, where players had to choose between the great game and ours. They weren’t happy about it.”

Lipscomb expects these scheduling conflicts to continue.

“Our schedule is full,” Lipscomb said, “and it’s getting harder to avoid conflict.”

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