Panda Interactive, Sportradar Group Filing Lawsuit Against Genius Sports

SportsCastr Inc. (d/b/a PANDA Interactive), a pioneering sports technology company with proprietary cloud-based software that enables viewers to offer an interactive viewing experience that includes the ability to watch real-time odds and place bets while watching sports events in media, leagues, and sportsbooks, today announced two separate complaints against infringement of its underlying interactive streaming technology patent. The complaint was filed against Sportradar Group AG and Genius Sports Limited. The two companies provide many technical infrastructures for the sports betting and related interactive video industries.

The complaints filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas against Genius Sports and Sportradar are Case Nos. 2-23-cv-00471 and 2-23-cv-00472.

“We have invested significantly in our technology development, and we cannot tolerate the unfair use of our patented technology by others and against us,” said PANDA Interactive President Donald Schupak. “No one wants to see their armory used in combat against them.”

PANDA has launched several video streaming products incorporating its patented technology, including a sportscast mobile app that has evolved into PANDA Interactive’s B2B Watch & Bet platform, which has been used by leading sports media companies, leagues and sportsbooks. 바카라

“The combination of media and sports betting is essential for the future of the experience of seeing fans,” added Kevin April, CEO of PANDA Interactive. “PANDA developed pioneering technology long before online sports betting became legal in the United States. Sportradar and Genius Sports are infringing on our patents and exploiting our groundbreaking work.”

“PANDA’s technology is transformative for sports betting companies and sportsbooks. By combining viable betting odds with live or on-demand broadcasting, PANDA’s platform removes trade friction, reduces decision fatigue, and increases fan engagement,” said Andrew Schupak, chief strategy officer at PANDA Interactive.

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