McDaniels, grabbed by the collar by Tamson, “I just tried to grab the rebound”

Jayden McDaniels (23) mentioned the situation in which he was sent off with Clay Thamson (33).

Minnesota, which McDaniels belongs to, beat the Golden State Warriors 104-101 in the NBA in-season tournament at Chase Center on the 15th.

The situation intensified less than two minutes after the game began. Golden State veteran Draymond Green drew much attention for his choke on Minnesota center Rudy Gobert, but the incident began when Minnesota forward McDaniels and Golden State guard Thamson grabbed each other’s jerseys and ran to the half court.

In an interview after the game, McDaniels expressed his thoughts and said he was surprised that the melee had expanded to this extent. 안전놀이터

“I just crashed for a rebound, I was just trying to defend myself when [Thompson] grabbed me by the collar,” he said. “I was just trying to get him off me a little bit, and the rest is what you see in the video.”

He then said a few words came and went between himself and Tamson, but added, “I didn’t take it seriously and I was smiling, but I think this problem came to him more.”

“After [Thompson] missed the shot, we ran to the court, and maybe something came and went to each other,” he said. “This problem didn’t come seriously to me, but some people take things differently. The rest knows nothing and only knows that he’s Clay Thompson.”

It is not yet known what conversations Tamson had with McDaniels after missing a three-point shot early in the game. However, the situation has received much attention as it has flowed in a strange direction enough to consider disciplinary action in the league.

Meanwhile, Gobeyer, who was caught by Green in a surprise choke technique in the process of stopping the struggle between Tamson and McDaniels, said, “[Green] caught me, but he seemed to lack choke skills. “I think I was trying to make him faint, but it wasn’t enough,” he joked, but said of the situation at the time, “He walked for a long time trying really hard and could have been dangerous if he said about the situation at the time.

Gobert also explained the conspiracy raised by Golden State coach Steve Kerr. Coach Kerr said earlier, “Gobair was strangling Tamson first. So Green attacked Gobeyer to help Tamson,” he once said.

In response, Gober expressed his unfairness, saying, “I was raising my hand to the referees to show that ‘I’m not trying to make the situation worse.'”

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