Manchester United’s restaurant is also a mess… Complaints about ‘undercooked’ chicken dishes explode → Food hygiene rating has fallen to ‘lowest’

The Daily Mail, a British media outlet, reported on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time) that the food hygiene rating has fallen due to poor food management provided by Manchester United at Old Trafford.

The media reported, “Manchester United was rated as the lowest among the five grades of food hygiene after several spectators complained that they were uncomfortable with the food. It received the lowest rating due to claims about undercooked chicken dishes from the event at Old Trafford and needs to be improved a lot.”

“Manchester United, which previously had the highest grade of 5, was investigated for an accident that occurred on April 21. At the event, between 200 and 250 guests attended the Safety Health Environment Show and received undercooked chicken thighs, and customers complained. The club is preparing to appeal the decision for now,” he added. 파워볼실시간

The British edition of global sports media The Athletic also reported the news, noting that “the authorities must ensure improvements in the management of materials, including food preparation, cooking, reheating, and cooling storage of the club.”

A Manchester United spokesman said in a press release, “Our food hygiene rating at Old Trafford has dropped from five to one. This is the result of a food hygiene test following an accident in which undercooked food was served at an event on the 21st of last month.”

The club said it was conducting an internal inspection related to the accident because some people claimed they were uncomfortable after attending the Manchester United event and eating food.

The Food Standards Authority (FSA), an independent government agency, ranks food ingredients management, food storage methods and preparations, and facility cleanliness to protect public health.

Any low-grade workplace must immediately make significant improvements to meet hygiene standards. If food is deemed an immediate risk to public health due to insecurity to eat, the workplace may be closed or closed until it is safe to restart.

“Manchester United is one of the most experienced food and beverage operating clubs in the world’s sports, with more than 250,000 people in stadium restaurants and more than 300 outside events each year,” the club said.

“A total of 8,000 people in each stadium enjoy catering and 28 kitchens are operated. The club has received the highest hygiene rating of 5 for the past eight years and is proud of its high standards,” he said. “This is an individual incident, and we have identified and responded to the incident. All members of the club are committed to recovering grade 5 as quickly as possible. To support this issue, we are conducting an independent food audit to see if there is room for improvement.”

The media pointed out, “Manchester United is attracting considerable profits not only on game days but also on other days by holding events and providing food. It can take quite a long time to get the top rating again and it can also affect the service that the club can price.”

Manchester United is already going through a period of confusion due to issues outside of football at a time when football is already plagued by the club’s acquisition problem and coach Eric Turn Haach’s control of the squad.

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