Macau Casino: Only 15 Players in the Game Box

The study mentioned above was conducted last week. Experts monitored attendance at the integrated Macau resort and averaged the figures.

Experts visited 11 gambling houses to find out how popular they are at the end of the quarantine period. The study is known to take into account data from Dream City, Grand Lisboa, Macau, Venice, Starworld, Galaxy Macau, MGM Macau, Win Macau, Win Palace, Paris Macau, Sands Kotai Central and MGM Kotai.

A representative from said the study found that MGM Macau was the most popular integrated resort. The Slot Machine Hall had 10 players and 25 others are known to have played board games.

Grand Lisboa has been named another popular spot, with 10 slots and 14 gambling enthusiasts becoming visitors. 파친코

The researchers note that on average, each casino has seven players in the slot hole and eight in the main hole.

According to an official at , the data released above indicates that Macau is gradually recovering from the introduction of strict quarantine measures. Read our exciting world casino news to learn more about the pandemic’s impact on the industry.

Experts also added that it is very difficult to predict how quickly Macau gambling facilities will be able to recover from the pandemic crisis at the moment. What worsens is the fact that borders are closed in most cases.

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