LG Electronics Wins ‘KS’ Golden Glove, too. Three Winners in 22 Years… Yang Eui-ji’s 9th career win, NC Pedi, Son Ah-seop, and Park Gun-woo are honored

KBO held the Shinhan Bank SOL KBO Golden Glove Awards held at the COEX Auditorium in Seoul. In the pitching category, Feddy (NC) won. Feddy won six awards including the regular season MVP, Triple Crown (multiple wins, ERA, strikeouts), and the KBO Defensive Award. Feddy received 267 votes (91.8 percent) out of 291 valid votes. Kelly (LG had eight votes, Ko Young-pyo had six, Im Chan-kyu had three votes, Lee Eui-ji had two, and Kim Kwang-hyun, Kim Won-joong, Benjamin, Cuevas, and Peña had one vote each.

Yang Eui-ji (Doosan Bears) won the Golden Glove for the ninth time in his career. He became the eighth catcher to win the Golden Glove award, and the most to ever win the honor. He is the only second in the Golden Glove following Lee Seung-yeop (10 times). Yang Eui-ji got 214 votes (73.5 percent). He got 63 votes from Park Dong-won, eight from Kang Min-ho, three from Yoo Kang-nam, two from Jang Sung-woo and one from Choi Jae-hoon.

As a first baseman, Austin (LG) won the Golden Glove over Park Byung-ho (KT), a six-time winner. As an LG player, he won the Golden Glove as a first baseman for the first time in 29 years. Austin got 271 votes (93.1 percent). He got 12 votes for Park Byung-ho and eight votes for Yang Seok-hwan.

At second base, Kim Hye-sung (Kium) became the star of the Golden Glove. It is his third career win for the second consecutive year following last year. Kim garnered 259 votes (89% of the vote).

As for third baseman, Noh Si-hwan of the Hanwha Eagles, who won two gold medals in home run and RBI, beat Choi Jeong of the SSG, who won eight times in total, to win his first prize. He garnered 245 votes (84.2 percent). Moon Bo-kyung came in second with 22 votes, followed by Choi Jeong with 16 votes, and Heo Kyung-min with eight votes. 사설 토토사이트

Hong Chang-ki (LG), Koo Ja-wook (Samsung), and Park Geon-woo (NC) became the stars of the Golden Glove. Hong Chang-ki got 258 votes (88.7%), Koo Ja-wook got 185 votes (63.6%) and Park Geon-woo got 139 votes (47.8 percent). Heredia unfortunately failed to win the gold medal with 101 votes (34.7%).

Son Ah-seop (NC) won the designated hitter award. He won the Golden Glove for the second time after winning the outfielder award in 2017. Son Ah-seop got 255 votes (87.6 percent). Choi Hyung-woo got 22 votes, Jeon Joon-woo got eight votes, and Kim Hyun-soo got six.

LG, which swept the Korean Series for the first time in 29 years, has produced 12 Golden Glove candidates, the largest number of players among the 10 teams. Shortstop Oh Ji-hwan is aiming to win the award for the second consecutive year, while Hong Chang-ki, who won the on-base percentage and scoring title, won the Golden Glove in the outfielder category for the first time in two years. Austin, a foreign hitter, won the Golden Glove in the first baseman category.

In 1994, when LG won the title 29 years ago, five players won the title: catcher Kim Dong-soo, first baseman Seo Yong-bin, second baseman Park Jong-ho, third baseman Han Dae-hwa and outfielder Kim Jae-hyun. The three winners are the most in 22 years since pitcher Shin Yun-ho, outfielder Lee Byung-kyu and designated hitter Yang Joon-hyuk won the title in 2001.

Among the Golden Glove-nominated players, Choi Jung of the SSG and Yang Eui-ji of the Doosan Bears won the most awards. Yang Eui-ji won the Golden Glove award seven times as catcher and one time as designated hitter until last year. Yang Eui-ji became the lone No. 1 player in the catcher category this year, beating over Kim Dong-soo (seven times), who tied for the most wins in catcher history. Except for one out of the last 10 seasons (2017 season), Yang Eui-ji has become the winner of all Golden Gloves.

Starting with her first win in the third baseman category in the 2011 season, Choi won the Golden Glove at third baseman position eight times over the past 12 seasons. She is also tying for the most wins among third basemen in history along with Han Dae-hwa. Choi failed to win the Golden Glove title, falling behind Noh Si-hwan, who won two homeruns and RBIs. Meanwhile, the most Golden Glove winner in history is Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop, who won the Golden Glove title 10 times.

LG Austin, who won the first baseman’s Golden Glove, received 271 votes (93.1 percent) out of 291 valid votes, the highest number of votes for the Golden Glove in 2023. It did not break the previous record.

The largest number of votes ever recorded is 350 votes recorded by Lee Jong-wook of Doosan in 200 years. The most votes are held by Yang Eui-ji, then a member of NC, in 2020, who received 99.4% support. At that time, Yang Eui-ji received 340 votes out of 342 valid votes.

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