“Kim Ha-sung assaulted Lim Hye-dong… If he is found guilty of blackmail, he may be arrested.”

Lim Hye-dong, a former baseball player who was accused of blackmailing and defamation of Kim Ha-sung, a Major League Baseball player in the U.S., was banned from leaving the country on the 12th. Legal experts said that Lim is likely to be severely punished if he had claimed false information, especially predicting that he may be arrested if the charges are found due to the large amount of blackmail, such as receiving 400 million won from Kim in the name of the settlement. He also advised that if a cross-examination is conducted, the investigation will proceed because it will be easier to find contradictory statements between the two sides, and that from now on, it is necessary to resolve the problem through agreement and dialogue rather than conducting a public opinion war.

Kim Ha-sung’s side has claimed that Lim stole it after continuing to demand settlement money in 2021 after drinking with him at a bar in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and having a scuffle accompanied by a physical fight. On the other hand, Lim claimed in an interview with a general program on the 7th that Kim Ha-sung habitually assaulted him and provided photos of his upper body injured as evidence. He then appeared on a YouTube channel and claimed that he had been a road manager since entering the U.S., and that he had been regularly verbally abused and assaulted during that time.

“If Lim’s claim is false, there is a high possibility that he will be severely punished. In addition, Lim could be arrested if he is found guilty of racketeering, as he received 400 million won from Kim in the name of a settlement,” said Ahn Young-rim, a lawyer. “Investigation agencies consider the amount of property damage because racketeering is regarded as a property crime.”

“However, judging from the fact that Lim filed a complaint against Kim first, it seems that the legal review has been completed. If it were a false complaint, it would be considered innocent, so I would have checked all the facts with my legal representative,” Ahn said. “If the police conduct cross-examination of Kim and Lim, the investigation will be much advanced.”

This is because cross-examination makes it easy to find consistency between conflicting statements, he said. “At the same time, when investigative agencies conduct investigations, they should try to keep confidentiality so that they do not disclose the charges according to the presumption of innocence. However, if all facts are silent, the public’s right to know may be violated, so investigative agencies should take this into account and respond carefully to the media.” 바카라

In addition, lawyer Moon explained, “At this point, Lim seems to have banned him from leaving the country because he was judged to be highly likely to leave the country based on statements made by people around him or his immigration records. Since the suspect may delay the investigation by going abroad frequently, we have no choice but to impose a ban on leaving the country for the smooth progress of the investigation.”

“Both Kim and Lim are engaged in a public opinion war using the media,” said Kwak Joon-ho, a lawyer. “Of course, I think people who are really unfair can make their point by expressing their opinions on the public opinion,” he said. “If the two sides engage in a public opinion war, it will lead to other attacks on the other side rather than solving the case, leading to a case that the two sides are increasingly moving away from the agreement. Therefore, it seems practically difficult for both Kim and Lim to resolve the issue through agreement or dialogue.”

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