Kia Spring Camp where laughter never ends

Kia manager Kim Jong-kook talked while watching the players’ training at the “2023 Spring Camp” held at Tucson Kino Sports Comprex in Arizona on the 12th.

On the 12th, Tucson in the U.S. had a lot of clouds and winds, so the temperature also fell below the average temperature. 토토사이트

Coaches and trainers schedule training by game rather than by training to prevent injuries to players. The losing team in the game was to do push-ups as a penalty.

First, it was a kind of timing game that consisted of two teams, decided the order by rock-paper-scissors, and then moved quickly to both sides. Socrates, who was playing rock-paper-scissors with Kim Ho-ryeong, drew laughter from the players with his mysterious hand movements, not fists or scissors.

In a game where the ball was delivered quickly to the person behind him in a prone position, Na Sung-bum also sent a strong boo to the opponent when he was seen rolling the ball down with a foul (?).

Pitchers also had fun training. It was a game in which players gathered in a circle and flicked a baseball with a glove. At first, he missed about 20 balls because he couldn’t breathe, but he also missed more than 30 balls as he was in sync.

If he missed less than 20 balls, he would train once and play the game again. Especially, foreign players Medina and Anderson concentrated on the strange game.

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