“In the end, was Kane right?” Continuing his ‘first championship challenge’ after moving to Munich…Tottenham falls 5th in the league

Kane was a symbol of Tottenham. Having grown up in Tottenham’s youth team, Kane was the best player in Tottenham history. Kane scored 280 goals for Tottenham, making him the second highest scorer in the EPL history. In the English Premier League, Kane scored 213 goals, becoming the second highest scorer in the EPL after Alan Shearer (260 goals).

Kane left Tottenham for 95 million euros (W134.1 billion) last summer. He had a unique affection for Tottenham, but Kane made the choice because of his desire to win. At Tottenham, Kane could not lift a single championship trophy. 스포츠토토

At first, it seemed better for Kane to remain at Tottenham. Tottenham has been undefeated in its first 10 games (8 wins and 2 draws) since Enze Postecoglou took over. Its ranking has also risen to the top of the league. Some predict that Tottenham could win the championship.

Unlike Tottenham, Munich, Germany’s strongest team, struggled. It failed to win the German Super Cup with a crushing defeat of 0-3 to RB Leipzig. In the second round of DFB Pokal, it was eliminated with a 1-2 loss to Saarbrucken in the third division.

Things have changed recently. Tottenham saw its upward trend decline due to injuries to key players such as Mickey Van Der Pen and James Maddison. Tottenham is struggling with one draw and four losses in five league games. Even after scoring the first goal in the match against West Ham United on Saturday, it lost to 1-2 in the match. Its ranking also dropped to fifth. Now, its advance to the UEFA Champions League is in jeopardy.

Munich is gradually regaining its old self. Munich is ranking second with 10 wins and 2 draws (32 points) in 12 Bundesliga matches. It is only three points shorter than Bayer Leverkusen (11 wins, 2 draws, 35 points), who has one more match to play. It also confirmed its advance to the round of 16 teams in the UEFA Champions League early on.

Of course, the situation could change drastically again. If Tottenham rebounded, the assessment could change at any time. However, while Kane was continuing his dream of winning the title at Munich, Tottenham faced a situation where they had to reorganize their team.

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