I opened the door, and Porsche… Ohtani, Kelly’s wife got a big present

Kelly’s wife, Ashley Kelly, posted the video on her Instagram account on Sunday. Opening the front door in the video, Kelly is surprised to see a silver Porsche parked in front of her house.

“It’s your car. It’s from Shohei,” husband Joe Kelly told his wife. “Otani wanted to give it to you.” Ashley responded with disbelief, saying, “It’s ridiculous.”

Local media explained, “This gift is a sign of respect for the couple who played an enthusiastic supporting role to lead the contract between Ohtani and the LA Dodgers.” 온라인카지노

When he heard that Ohtani had started negotiations with the Dodgers, Joe Kelly said, “I’m willing to give up my number to Ohtani.” Number 17 is the number Ohtani used for six years with the Los Angeles Angels.

In addition, the couple staged a campaign to recruit Otani through SNS. Ashley Kelly posted a video of the No. 17 uniforms with the hashtag “Ohtake17,” saying that Shohei could take it.

Kelly chose the number 99 that Ryu Hyun-jin wore as her new number. Ashley Kelly promoted her new uniform by posting a video of her husband’s T-shirt with “Kelly 99.”

In response, Ohtani thanked Ashley Kelly by sending him a famous German sports car brand Porsche, where he is serving as an ambassador. “The moment I opened the door, I had the best moment of my life. Thank you, Ohtani,” she said on her SNS.

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