He’s not a monster. He’s been knocked out with a holan injury…Norway’s national team – Man City ‘Super Emergency’

“Monster striker” Erling Holan (23, Manchester City) was also not a robot.

Orla Sant, Norway’s doctor, said, “Holan appealed for an injury after a friendly match with the Faroe Islands on the 17th. “Holan will not be able to play in the Euro 2024 qualifying match against Scotland on the 20th.”

Holan entered the friendly match against the Faroe Islands in Oslo, Norway on the 17th as a substitute at the start of the second half. Hallan injured his foot during the game, but he reportedly played until the end. Norway won 2-0 but did more harm than good.

Holan’s injury put the Norwegian national team and his team Manchester City on high alert. The Norwegian team’s doctor said, “The injury is not serious. However, there is a limit to Holan’s normal running due to pain. “Unfortunately, his absence against Socotland was confirmed early,” he explained.

Norway was defeated by Spain and Socotland in the Euro qualifying round, failing to advance to the finals, where it was given the second place as the third place in the group. However, there is still a possibility of going to the finals through the playoffs. At a critical time, the most trusted ace, Holan, was injured.

“Holan is obviously our team’s main scorer and ace,” Norwegian national team coach Stale Solbakken said. But he can’t play against Scotland. We’re not taking a substitute. It’s a good opportunity for other strikers,” he said. 슬롯머신

Manchester City, which is fighting for the lead in the Premier League, is also on alert. Manchester City (28 points) is facing the most important showdown this season with its second-place rival Liverpool (27 points) on the 25th. If Hallan is absent, Manchester City cannot easily guarantee a victory.

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