Donald Trump’s trophy life

How Much Is Donald Trump’s Real Value? It’s impossible to know the answer. And it doesn’t matter, Fortune magazine reported. In a cover story for Fortune magazine, Dan Ross, the chief editor, spent weeks with Trump to peer into the inside of the empire and the man behind The Apprentice. What he discovered is enough self-promotion to make the truth about Trump’s crumbling casino business, and his net worth almost meaningless, which could soon diminish, both his stakes and roles.

While Trump’s casino issues are certainly no secret, Ross reports that under the suggestion of Credit Suisse First Boston, Trump’s stake in the company could drop dramatically to 20 percent (although he will retain his chairmanship) and lose his CEO title. This is a move that could cost him more than Trump’s annual salary of $1.5 million. Over the past three years, Trump has paid $1.6 million to entertain senior officials in his private property, and $5.6 million for consulting. Ross has reported that new owners are unlikely to be so generous.

What is the total value of Trump’s empire? If you believe in Trump, it’s $6 billion. But few people actually believe in him. “And for good reason,” Ross wrote. “Trump is a real-life mogul. He comes straight out of the survivor’s handbook. Start with the truth, then add what you might call charitable creative editing to create enough drama, celebrity, sex, and weird stuff.” However, outsiders have never dug into the bottom of his finances, and Fortune magazine’s weeks of investigation have shown nothing but ambiguity. “All his deals are buried in layers, depending on whether he talks to Trump or not, depending on the company name, partner, and whether he’s in debt,” Ross reported. 온라인경마

The bottom line? Self-promotion overwhelms any truth about Trump’s worth. Endless self-promotion and a larger-than-life persona bring him deals that other real estate developers have never seen, allow most developers to finance where they have long been cut off, and make him friends among those who are ready to be his enemies.

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