British gamblers’ perception of treatment has increased since 2020

The NGTS campaign targets male gamblers and others affected, including family members, partners and friends.

In August 2021, 74% of male gamblers and 79% of others were aware of the campaign. The majority of high-risk gamblers said they would first contact NGTS in the face of problem gambling. Those gamblers were 47% in May 2020, and increased to 60% in August 2021.

The U.S. Gambling Therapy Service (NGTS) campaign showed its first successful results. GambleAware has released a report showing increased levels of awareness. The target group is high-risk male gamblers.

The campaign is based on studies reporting the highest number of high-risk gamblers in London and the Midlands. 40% of male gamblers aged 16-44 in the region chose NGTS or national gambling telephone lines as the solution to problem gambling. 파칭코

The fact that gamblers have increased since the pandemic (compared to 38% in August 2021 and 24% in May 2020) suggests that awareness of these help facilities should be raised.

Zoé Osmond, CEO of GambleAware, reminded us that the National Gambling Treatment Service is a mix of UK organisations that guarantee confidential and personal support for users affected by gambling.

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