Additional refutation of Kim Ha-sung “Using my military status to threaten and manipulate photos”…The evidence of assault presented by Lim Hye-dong himself

Kim Ha-sung’s side, which is fighting over the truth of the assault while suing his junior baseball player Lim Hye-dong on charges of blackmail, issued a new statement today (8th).

Kim’s legal representative said, “The opposing player (Im Hye-dong) threatened Kim Ha-sung in 2021 by taking advantage of his military status and demanded money in the name of the settlement.”

2021 is Kim Ha-sung’s first year in the U.S. Major League. 온라인카지노

Kim Ha-sung, who won the gold medal for the Korean national baseball team at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, entered the training center as an artistic sports agent in December of that year.

Arts and sports personnel can be recognized for alternative service by originally engaging in their livelihood for two years and 10 months as long as they receive basic military training.

If you have any legal issues during this period, you may have to return to service as an active duty soldier.

Kim added, “Nevertheless, we have filed criminal complaints repeatedly violating the agreement, and we are proceeding with civil lawsuits and seizure claiming penalties for violating separate agreements.”

In addition, Kim said, “We will file additional charges against the opponent for defaming Kim Ha-sung by reporting false facts and manipulated photos of evidence to the media,” adding, “If the perpetration continues, we will be held accountable in civil and criminal cases.”

“It is not true at all that Kim unilaterally and habitually assaulted his opponent,” Kim said, stressing, “If the opponent’s claim is true, he must formally file a complaint, and if so, we will clarify his innocence through investigation and hold him accountable for his innocence.”

Earlier yesterday (7th), Lim released a picture of the damage to the media, saying that Kim Ha-sung assaulted him because he felt bad at drinking and repeated insulting remarks.

The released photo showed his face and neck scratched and swollen redly as if he had been assaulted by someone.

However, the Dispatch reported that the self-proclaimed “reality of domestic violence” photo that Lim sent to Kim Ha-sung in August 2020 was suddenly turned into “evidence of Kim Ha-sung’s junior assault” in December 2023.

The media also released the message shared by Lim and Kim Ha-sung. According to the message, Lim sent a picture of a wound all over his body to Kim Ha-sung in August 2020.

Kim Ha-sung asked, “What’s up with your belly fat?” and “Did you play for UFC?” Lim said, “It’s the reality of domestic violence,” and explained the situation in the picture, “My dad cursed first.”

Lim sent a photo, saying, “There is evidence that Kim Ha-sung was constantly assaulted,” and then predicted, “I will release more cars.”

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