“A goal to announce the ‘death sentence’ of Chinese football” …1.4 billion continents frustrated by Syria’s score

Chinese media used the term “death sentence” to convey the moment when the Korean national soccer team failed to advance to the round of 16 at the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup. This means that they are deeply frustrated with the performance of this year’s Asian Cup.

The Chinese national team, led by Serbian coach Aleksandar Jankovic, faced a humiliating moment when Syrian striker Omar Krivin scored the first goal in the 31st minute of the second half in the Asian Cup Group B showdown that ended on the 23rd (Korea time).

As the Syria-India match ends 0-0, the team can continue its hopes of reaching the round of 16 only if it receives at least one warning. China, which is included in Group A, tied 0-0 with Tajikistan and Lebanon in succession, and lost its third group qualifying match against Qatar, confirming its third place with two draws and one loss. However, the possibility of reaching the round of 16 is still alive, and it could have passed the group qualifying round depending on the performance of the third-ranked teams in other groups.

The third-place finishers in Group D and E unconditionally perform better than China. The third-place finisher, who is likely to be taken by either Oman or Kyrgyzstan, will also unconditionally perform better compared to China after finishing the Group F qualifying round.

However, China’s hopes were shattered when Syrian striker Kryvin scored a goal in the 31st minute of the second half in the Syrian-India match that took place first. Syria did receive a warning. It had a point, difference, and multiple scores with China, and the next goal was the same as a warning.

Then, Krybin scored a goal, destroying China’s expectations. In the end, the game ended with Syria’s 1-0 victory. Syria enjoyed the joy of climbing from hell to heaven as it advanced to the round of 16 thanks to Krybin’s goal.

India led the game early in the game. China, which highly regarded the possibility of Syria’s victory, was pleased with India’s performance. The team deployed attacks centering on Indian soccer star Sunil Chhetri, and made efforts to attack the Syrian defense by proactively dribbling even in one-on-one situations. If the team successfully defended itself, the team staged a quick counterattack centering on the side, but struggled due to pressure from India. Chinese fans hoped that India would not score a goal even while struggling.

Amid this development, some even warned from Syria that China had hoped for. In the 26th minute, India’s Mahesh Singh attempted a foul on Syrian Abdulrahman Vice, who was fouled, got up immediately and pushed Singh. The referee took out a yellow card for both players.

The game was getting overheated. The country was still forced to be passive about its cards, but India kept its attacks at bay with its tough tackles and tussles. The referee, however, did not take the cards out of his pocket despite protests by Syrian players. 사설 토토사이트

Syria, which was gradually destroying the Indian defense, laughed at the end. After cutting off the ball from a high position in the 31st minute of the second half, Syria quickly made a counterattack, and Krybin received a cutback pass that Hesar gave to his side and attempted to shoot at the near post, shaking the Indian net. After the score, Syria summoned Mahmoud al-Aswad and sent out Mohammad Anz to defend its victory.

Of course, even if Syria and India ended 0-0, China would not be able to advance to the round of 16 anyway as the Palestinians defeated Hong Kong 3-0 in the final Group C match. China’s Sohu.COM shared the miserable moment in Chinese soccer that was decided along with Krybin’s goal.

“The goal that Syria scored by Crivin sentenced the Chinese national soccer team to death,” the media said on Sunday. “It didn’t matter who wins between the two teams. With just one goal, China will not be able to beat the two teams (Syria or India) in the competition for third place in the group qualifying round. This means that the Chinese national team has officially been eliminated. It was extremely awkward to wait for the final result to see if the team with only two draws, one loss and no loss is qualified to advance to the round of 16. Depending on the results of the Group B and Group C matches, it could have made it to the round of 16 teams, but it was almost a miracle.”

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