Write Ohtani and read it as “Monster!” After transforming into the first batter, four homers in six games…’Baseball Monster’ performing all-weather activities

Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB) has once again shown his presence as the No. 1 slugger. He has been playing as the No. 1 hitter to clear the injury gap of his teammate Mookie Betts, and has been playing long and hard hit every day. Still, he is not aiming just for big shots. He opens up opportunities as the No. 1 hitter, and he is also a troubleshooter when he gets chances.

Ohtani played in the game as the designated hitter since the game against the Colorado Rockies on Wednesday (Korea time). As Betts was taken out of the game, he took over the leadoff position for his team. He immediately posted three hits in five at-bats. He had one RBI, two runs scored, a walk, a stolen base, and two doubles. He did everything he could as the No. 1 hitter.

The next day, he launched a home run against the Colorado Rockies. He garnered two hits, one homer, two RBIs and two runs from five times at bat. He did not stop there. He recorded two hits in five times at bat and one hit in three times at bat in games against the Colorado Rockies on Tuesday and Sunday. He continued his stellar performance against the Los Angeles Angels, his close friend. He recorded two hits and one homer in two times at bat on Tuesday and four times at bat on Sunday.

He has displayed superb performance, and I wonder if he is the first hitter in the middle of this season. In the six recent games as the first hitter, he recorded 11 hits in 24 at-bats for a 0.458 batting average. A hit in six consecutive games is a basic rule, and he has posted long balls, RBIs and runs scored in six consecutive games. He has posted walks and home runs in three consecutive games at the same time. He has displayed “crazy performance” in expression. 토토사이트 추천

Due to the injury he suffered last season, he will continue to be a batter this season. He has stopped playing “Idolryu” for a while and is focusing on “Tatani.” He has been considered the most valuable player in the National League since the beginning of the season. He has improved further as he moved his batting order to No. 1. The expression “baseball monster” is by no means excessive.

He had 97 hits in 302 times at bat in 76 games, 0.321 on-base percentage or 0.398 slugging percentage or 0.632 OPS 1.030 23 home runs, 57 RBIs, 61 runs, 38 walks, 16 steals, 66 strikeouts, 21 doubles, and two triples. This is the batting report he wrote this season through Sunday. He ranks among the top in the entire Major League beyond the National League in various batting categories. It remains to be seen how much hotter Otani, the “first hitter,” will perform.

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