Tottenham Bentancur, Son Heung-min’s racism, questionable disciplinary action against the club

Rodrigo Bentancur’s lip service is a hot topic every day. He made a racist remark to the team captain Son Heung-min, but the club remains silent. It is even more questionable because Tottenham has been on the sidelines, which has dealt with racism faster than anyone else.

The 2023-24 season is over, and preparations for the new season are in full swing. This summer, there are major competitions such as Euro 2024 and Copa America. Each team in Europe has players who are called to the national team and some players who are on vacation.

In the meantime, a huge thing happened. Tottenham midfielder Bentancur, who was drafted into the Uruguayan national team as Copa America to be held in the U.S., made a shocking joke when he appeared on the Uruguayan television show “Fora Camisetta.” When the host asked, “I have Bentancur’s uniform. Can you give me another Korean player’s uniform?” the host answered, “Son Heung-min?”

Bentancur’s ridiculous remarks continued. Bentancur smiled bashfully and said, “What about Son’s cousin’s uniform? They all look the same anyway.” The MC next to him also responded, “Oh, right,” and they both laughed, saying it was a funny joke.

Bentancur apologizes to Son Heung-min after racist comments, but controversy over his sincerity

However, Bentancur’s joke was apparently racist, meaning that Asians look alike in their little eyes. When the video went viral on social networking services (SNS), Bentancur said, “I apologize for what happened on the show. It was a really bad joke. You know I really like Son Heung-min and I didn’t mean to not respect others or hurt him. I love you Son Heung-min.”

British public broadcaster BBC reported that Bentancur made a racist joke on team captain Son Heung-min during a Uruguayan TV show. As the video that went viral on social media received tremendous criticism, he left a message of apology to Son. However, Son has not officially responded yet.

Bentancur left an apology message, but the authenticity was questioned. Bentancur’s apology was posted on Instagram Story, which disappears 24 hours later. The apology has now been deleted, and photos preparing for Copa America are coming up one after another.

Bentancur Racism Controversy Flashes Criticism Over Tottenham’s Stage Response

In the past, Bernardo Silva was disciplined for posting racist jokes on Benjamin Mendy in Manchester City. He made a racist comment to the team captain, but Tottenham is silent. Son Heung-min, who has consistently responded to the issue of racism, is even more heartbroken because he always insisted on “fighting together” when asked about it.

Criticism is mounting against Bentancur even in the U.K. and 토토사이트 communities. “Bentancur told a terrible joke to Son. It was a ridiculous remark and many soccer fans were angry. It was not something that a teammate could hear about Son.”

There was also a bitter comment on the club’s sidelines. “It is questionable whether Tottenham will openly dispose of Bentancur’s racist remarks even if he intervenes,” said Paul O’Keeffe, another Tottenham reporter. “Tottenham is not such a diligent club. Most of the club’s employees are on vacation now. There will be no manpower to deal with this right away.”

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