“There’s no ‘Mike Trout’ in front of time…”The rehabilitation process is slower than I thought…I don’t know when I’ll be back

(MHN Sports Arizona Reporter Lee Sang-hee) Mike Trout (33, Los Angeles Angels), a baseball genius who underwent knee surgery last month, reportedly took a slower-than-expected rehabilitation process. Therefore, it is unknown when he will be able to return to the team this season.

ESPN said on the 20th (Korea Standard Time), “The rehabilitation process of Mike Trout, who was on the injured list after undergoing knee surgery last month, is progressing slower than expected. I haven’t even started playing yet,” adding, “For this reason, we don’t know when he will be able to return.” 사설 토토사이트

Trout felt discomfort in his left knee last month. He underwent medical examination and had meniscus surgery on his left knee. As a result, Trout has been unable to play any more games since April. He played in a total of 29 games before the injury this season, and has a batting average of 0.220, 10 homers and 14 RBIs. Although his batting average is low, his OPS, which combines his on-base plus slugging percentage, is 0.866, which is good.

Trout, who was a rookie draft player in the Major League in 2009 (25th overall), made his Major League debut in the fall of 2011, just two years after he entered the professional league. He played in a total of 40 games in his first year of debut, and showed his potential by hitting 0.220 with five homers and 16 RBIs.

Trout, who played his first full-time game in the big league the following year in 2012, appeared in a total of 139 games, posting an impressive batting average of 0.326 with 20 homers and 83 RBIs. His OPS was 0.963. Trout won the Rookie of the Year award in the American League. He was named an All-Star and even swept the Silver Slugger award for the best hitter in each position, heralding the heyday of Trout.

Since then, Trout has been relentless. He has established himself as a big gun representing the league by hitting double-digit home runs in nine consecutive seasons through 2020. Notably, he had 40+ home runs in a season in 2015 (41) and 2019 (45). His RBI ability was so good that he had more than 100 RBIs three times in a season.

Trout, who dominated the love of fans, has been selected as an All-Star a total of 11 times and has become the best star in the major leagues recognized by others as he has been selected as the best player in the American League three times.

However, Trout started to fade from 2021 when he was no longer healthy and young after suffering from major and minor injuries. After playing in a total of 36 games in the 2021 season, he played only 82 games last year. It is unknown when he will return from injury again this year, but if the current trend continues, he is highly unlikely to play more than 80 games this year.

Trout, who has already become a 14-year veteran of the Major League this year, played in a total of 1,518 games before the injury, recording an outstanding batting average of 0.299 with 378 homers and 954 RBIs. He also has 212 steals in the big league, as he boasts of strong performance unlike any other big hitters. He also has an outstanding OPS of 0.991. However, he has shown rapid aging curve since 2021. Even Mike Trout seems to be able to avoid the situation with time ahead.

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