“That’s right, I should be out… I couldn’t manage myself.” Kang Jung-ho’s dark history of drunk driving “Self-criticism.”

Kang Jung-ho (36, individual coach), who runs a baseball academy in Los Angeles, U.S., brought up his dark history while talking about his opinion on the “Chugang Daeyeop” issue. On the 23rd, he talked honestly through his YouTube channel Kang Jung-ho_King Kang.

Recently, Lee Dae-ho (41, retired) made the decision through his YouTube channel. Kang also mentioned the decision, which was based on his own record. Kang’s summary is “Choo-yeop-dae-gang.” And he asked to exclude himself. In other words, “Choo-yeop-dae” is correct.

According to Kang’s explanation, Choo had the longest career among the four players in the Major League, and displayed good performance. He said he should go to the front. In addition, the Major League Baseball also appointed Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop, who hit 50 home runs (five homers in 1999 and 56 in 2003) twice in Korea, saying that only 10 first basemen have hit 50 home runs in a single season.

And comparing his and Lee Dae-ho’s performances, he said he had a better season with his on-base percentage and slugging percentage. In addition, there are about five shortstop 40-homer hitters in the Major League, and none of them has a higher slugging percentage and OPS than him. However, he said this was not the basis for him to get ahead of Lee Dae-ho. This is why he was mentioned along with Choo Shin-soo, Lee Seung-yeop, and Lee Dae-ho. 실시간 바카라사이트

“As I was a shortstop, I think that’s why I made a good performance,” Kang said. He said that Lee Dae-ho was better than him in terms of his entire career, and organized it as an “extraordinary league.”

“In a single season, I could (be in front of Lee Dae-ho). In general, however, he is right. It is a great team of players.” “In terms of batting performance, there should be no strong team. I think we will have many good players in the future. We need to be either a great team (Lee Jung-hoo) or a great team (Kim Ha-sung) without me,” Kang said.

Kang had 40 homeruns in the KBO league and 21 homeruns in the Major League in 2016. His OPS was 0.816 and 0.867 between 2015 and 2016. However, his Major League career ended in 2019. He boldly revealed his dark history and criticized himself at this point.

“If you want to get good grades, you need to take good care of yourself. I wasn’t good at self-management. That’s why it’s right to leave here.” It means striking out drunk driving. This is the end of Kang’s active career. He later attempted to return to the Kiwoom Heroes twice, but ended his career amid fierce criticism.

Of course, Kang completely changed his routine to hit 40 home runs in the 2014 season, and said hitting 40 home runs while playing shortstop with heavy defensive burdens is all the more valuable. I also recalled that it was possible because my dream to advance to the Major League was clear.

However, Kang once again said, “It’s right to lose the opportunity. Of course, I worked hard in Korea, but I couldn’t manage myself. I think I went to the U.S. and entered the league, but my former players were able to go to the U.S. To be honest, I was afraid of challenging myself (in the past, the atmosphere in the KBO league) and I didn’t get recognized. It’s important to challenge myself.”

In that regard, Kang hoped that the leaders would not artificially limit the possibilities of young KBO league players. Only then can he produce another shortstop with 40 home runs. For your information, Kim Ha-sung also failed to hit 40 home runs in the KBO league and went to the Major League. That is why many people still call Kang “alcohol is the enemy.” In other words, he lost his all-time talent in vain.

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