Texas Lowe’s tiebreaking shot…Garcia’s ‘Verlander Collapse’ Reversal Fires

The Texas lineup, which had been quiet, exploded in the bottom of the fifth inning. After one out, Lowe hit a solo shot to the left to balance 1-1. He hit Verlander’s 95.4 mph fastball with a 2-2 ball count.

Houston, who was thirsty for an additional point, scored a run in the top of the sixth inning. After one out, Bregman’s walk and Álvarez’s hit gave him a chance to take the first and third bases with one out, and Abreu hit a timely hit to lead 1-2. The ball bounced erratically in front of Texas shortstop Seager, leading to a timely hit. Texas starter Montgomery collapsed when he walked Tucker straight in the ongoing crisis with one out and runners on first and third bases, and the mound was replaced by Josh Svotz. Svotz cut Houston’s flow well by turning the next two batters into a single.

Texas’ big counterattack began in the bottom of the sixth inning. After one out, Seager hit a superior double to completely soothe the regret of the previous defense. Carter hit a left-handed hit and connected it with one out and runners on first and third bases, and Garcia stood at the plate. Garcia hit Verlander’s first pitch, a 95 mph fastball, and hit a three-pointer that turned the left-center field. In an instant, the game turned around 2-4. 스포츠토토

As soon as Garcia hit, he felt a home run and watched the ball. After confirming that the ball went over the fence, he roared loudly by throwing the bat he had in his hand late. And slowly started going around the ground. It was a home run and a ceremony that completely knocked down Verlander.

The internal injuries suffered by Verlander were large. Two outs later, he was replaced by Hector Neris after getting a left-handed hit by Young. Verlander was on the verge of losing the game after allowing only six hits (two homers) and one walk, three strikeouts and four runs in five ⅔ innings.

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