“Sweet dates are a bonus.”

On the 28th, the second round of the “SK Networks Seoul Economic Ladies Classic” was held at Finnx Golf Club. PGA Kim Si-woo and KLPGA Oh Ji-hyun are set to get married in December. Kim Si-woo returned home from the PGA Tour The CJ Cup and visited the venue to cheer for Oh Ji-hyun’s match after finishing his wedding shoot with Oh Ji-hyun.

Kim Si-woo, who was cheering for Oh Ji-hyun in the first round of the previous day, made a surprise transformation into Oh Ji-hyun’s caddie on the last hole. In the second round, Oh Ji-hyun caught only one birdie in the first half and recorded four bogeys, putting her “preliminary husband” Kim Si-woo on the verge of being eliminated from the cut.

Kim Si-woo came out as Oh Ji-hyun’s caddie from the 10th hole and worked with Oh Ji-hyun’s golf bag himself and “a bride-to-. I checked Oh Ji-hyun’s swing and talked about the ramp while looking at the Yadijibuk and gave him a lot of advice as a golfer. 바카라사이트넷

Of course, he held hands and showed a sweet appearance as he headed for the second shot after the tee shot. After finishing the 11th tee shot, Oh Ji-hyun smiled broadly at Kim Si-woo and even posed lovely. Oh Ji-hyun, who played with Kim Si-woo, smiled broadly after passing the cut leisurely with consecutive birdies on the 14th and 15th holes and birdies on the 18th.

Kim Si-woo also cheered for Oh Ji-hyun at the S-OIL Champion, the last tournament before Oh Ji-hyun’s marriage, and left for the U.S. with Oh Ji-hyun on the 7th to participate in the PGA Tour Houston Open.

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