Phil Ivy was simply burned

As Mav Albert said, Phil Ivy is absolutely “on fire” in the Poker World Series.

Considered by many to be the game’s best player, the man won his second gold bracelet of the year in Event 25, a $2,500 Omaha High-Low/Seven Card Stud High-Low Split tournament.

Ivey currently has seven WSOP titles, according to him, “one closer to Erik (Seidel).”

Brock Partner is the only player other than Ivy to win multiple gold bracelets this year.

After returning home empty-handed last year, Ivey has put more emphasis on WSOP this year.

“Last year, I skipped a few years in the World Series,” he said. “I didn’t play as many tournaments as I used to, because I didn’t think it made a big difference.

“But then, as I got older, I started to realize that this was important. Winning bracelets is really important. I know that just having the opportunity to put myself in poker history, and if I can continue at this pace, I have the opportunity to win and become the all-time bracelet leader.”

Ivy also acquired the bracelet two weeks ago at a $2,500 Deuce to Seven No Limit Lowball event.

Ivey won $220,538 in the Omaha 8/Seven-Card-Stud 8 contest, beating 376 winners. Second place went to Ming Lee from Natick, Massachusetts. This was Lee’s second WSOP final appearance.

The final included two previous gold bracelet winners, Carlos Mortensen and Dutch Boyd. Mortensen finished in third place and Boyd finished in fourth place.

Ivy says he is a better tournament player this year than last year.

“I think I’m a little more patient,” he said. “I take my time. I’m trying in every pot. I’m trying to stay focused and recognize that every pot is important. I think I made a big mistake than paying for the competition. It’s going to cost me chips in the competition. I haven’t made that many mistakes this year.”

After the win, he was asked what the over/under for the next bracelet would be.

“Tomorrow” was the reply. 토토사이트 추천

Seidel also reported on his Twitter account that Ivey got more than six digits in the Full Tilt over the weekend.

Ivy wasn’t the only big pro to make news in Rio last weekend. Roland DeWolf picked up his first gold bracelet at Event 27, a $5,000 Omaha Highrow event.

With the victory, de Wolf became the second winner of the poker triple crown. He previously won the EPT title and the WPT title. Another player who achieved this feat is Gavin Griffin.

The 29-year-old Englishman is a professional player who previously wrote for “Inside Poker” magazine. He raised $246,616 for his victory.

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