“No. 27 Explosion” Jersey, but it’s not easy. 62…Yankees lose 5-17

New York Yankees Aaron Judge (32) dominated the home run and continued his challenge to recreate his career high in 2022. Judge started the 2024 Major League Baseball regular season home game against the Baltimore Orioles at the Bronx Yankee Stadium in New York on the 21st (Korea time) and played two hits (one home run) and three RBIs and one run in three times at bat.

Judge, who ranks first in home runs in this season’s MLB, added another homer on the day. Judge hit Baltimore starter Cole Irvin at the bottom of the third inning when his team was losing 1-8 with two outs and a runner on the first base, and posted his 27th homerun of this season by crossing the fence in right-center. He has a gap of six with Shohei Ohtani (32), who is also No. 1 in the American League.

It was a cooler shot because of injury concerns against the rival team. Judge faced Baltimore on the back of his hand on the 19th. As Judge, the Yankees’ central hitter and captain, made headlines as he recorded a walk. During the game, Juan Soto collided with third baseman Jordan Westberg. Westberg, who hit Soto’s hip, was replaced later, and Judge was hit by a fastball thrown by Albert Suarez in the third inning. Suarez was a pitcher with the Samsung Lions until last year. Controversy continued on the 20th. In the game on the 20th, relief pitchers Victor Gonzalez and Caleb Ferguson recorded a dune at Gunner Henderson and Colton Kauser, respectively.

Aside from the controversy, attention has been paid to whether Judge, a leading star player in the league who is seeking to become the home run king, will be injured. Judge, who tested negative on the day, took a day off on Tuesday and returned to the batter’s box on Tuesday to prove that he is healthy with multiple hits and home runs.

Despite the steady pace of home runs, Judge has yet to catch up with the 2022 record. In 2022, Judge hit 62 home runs, setting a new American League record. However, Judge has recorded 27 home runs in 77 games as of Tuesday, advancing to 56.8 as of 162 games. If Judge wants to surpass himself in 2022, Judge needs to increase his pace. 토토사이트 추천

Despite Judge’s performance, the Yankees suffered a crushing defeat. Lewis Hill, who had high expectations, significantly collapsed. Hill gave Baltimore its victory by allowing eight hits and seven runs in one and one-third of innings. Hill, who sought his 10th win this season, lost two games (nine wins) due to the loss.

Hill, who had been running with a 1.82 ERA until June 5, including a 0.70 ERA per month in May, has faltered since June. After losing three runs in 5 2/3 innings in the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday, his ERA rose to 2.77. His ERA in June was 5.50, below May’s level. The Yankees failed to withstand the bullpen, as Hill collapsed. The Yankees lost the game 5-17.

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