“Let’s go back to the ground.” “Retirement” Ozil’s brilliant transformation, “Surprised” by his abs on the laundry board

It was only after he quit playing soccer that he tore himself apart. He announced his retirement at the age of 34 in March this year.

“After careful consideration, I am announcing my retirement as a professional soccer player,” Ozil said. “I have been privileged to play professional for 17 years, and I am very grateful for the tremendous opportunity I got. However, as I have suffered from frequent injuries recently, it has become clearer that it is time to leave the big stage of soccer.”

The Sun of the U.K. unveiled a surprising change in his physical quality on the 20th (Korea time). He had a slim six-pack when he was active, but he had a lot of worries due to his skinny body. One of his biggest weaknesses was his physical strength.

He was not the only one who developed outer skin. He gained body size through various training programs including high-intensity muscle strengthening. Outer skin is basic to laundry plate, six pack abs, and now he has a more splendid muscular body.

Fans are also cheering for him. There are many voices calling for him to change his retirement. Fans are posting a flurry of responses through SNS, such as “I have to return to the ground and play soccer for three to four more years,” and “Ozil has started playing soccer again.”

Ozil, a German international, started his professional career with Schalke in 2005. He scored 16 goals-54 assists in 108 games after moving to Werder Bremen in 2008.

Having grown into a world-class midfielder, Ozil joined Real Madrid in 2010. Ozil has scored 81 goals in 159 matches in Spain.

Arsenal’s heyday also continued. With 44 goals and 79 assists in 254 matches, he has won three FA Cups.

However, it went downhill after Mikel Arteta took the helm and moved to Turkiye Fenerbahce in 2021. He ended his career with Vashaksehir.

Ozil, who played 92 A matches, is a legend who led Germany to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. 파워볼실시간

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