Lee Seung-woo, who said, “I’m not an amateur,” caused a crisis

Suwon is suffering a setback. In the first match in Busan, the team led the game with the first goal, but lost two consecutive penalty kicks and suffered a come-from-behind victory of 1-2.

Team atmosphere in Suwon is not good. It remained in the 10th place since summer, but seemed to be far from Gangwon FC and Suwon Samsung, which had been in the last-place fight. However, the gap in points narrowed as the team continued its slump at the end of the season. Consequently, the report card that Suwon accepted was the 11th in the final. Since Sept. 1, the team has had no win in the last 10 consecutive games.

The problem is that Lee Seung-woo will not be able to play in the second game. Lee Seung-woo committed a foul in the penalty box in the 40th minute of the second half and was sent off after receiving a second warning during the game. This is the worst situation, with penalty kick dedication, exit, and suspension of travel.

Lee Seung-woo is a resource that accounts for a large portion of Suwon’s power. With the main striker Ras out of his team’s roster due to drunk driving during the season, Lee displayed stellar performance as if he was the lone striker. He scored 10 goals in 35 games to become the top scorer in his team.

Earlier, Lee Seung-woo was concerned by unnecessary warnings. In the Suwon derby against Suwon Samsung on August 5, Lee Seung-woo collided with opposing midfielder Kazuki within five minutes of the match and received a warning. The game report included Lee Seung-woo’s “kick-king” foul. It was interpreted that he was warned for unnecessary behavior. 안전놀이터

However, Lee managed to dispel concern by displaying outstanding performance on the day. After his team’s first goal, he scored an additional goal, helping his team win 2-0. The official MoM of the match was also Lee’s.

He also matured in interviews after the game. When he expressed regret over his warning in the early stages of the game, Lee said, “I am not an amateur. I thought I would not be sent off for that.”

About four months later, however, Lee produced a similar scene again when his team was in the most critical situation. In a match against Busan for the survival of the main league, he accumulated unnecessary warnings in the 30th minute of the second half. He unnecessarily got into a dispute with opposing defender Choi Jun over the ball being thrown to the sideline. Choi did not show any reaction, but Lee was warned of “insane acts.”

This warning eventually came as a sword for Suwon FC. About seven minutes after the first warning, Lee committed a foul in the penalty box. The referee declared a penalty kick, and Lee was given another warning. Suwon had to fight for 10 players for the rest of the time and allowed a come-from-behind goal.

The fate of Suwon and Lee Seung-woo will be decided at Suwon Sports Complex on the afternoon of the 9th. To remain in the first division, the second game victory is essential because it suffered a defeat in the first game.

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