Japan Beat ‘Shin Tae-yong’ Inni 3-1…If Korea is No. 1 in the group, “Korea-Japan Round of 16 match” will be held

Japan, led by head coach Hajime Moriyasu, won 3-1 in the final Group D match of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup against Indonesia at 8:30 p.m. on the 24th (Korea Standard Time) at Altumama Stadium in Doha, Qatar.

Japan advanced to the round of 16 by ranking second in the group with two wins and one loss (six points). Iraq, which won all three games (nine points), took the lead in the group. While Japan and Iraq have won direct tickets to the round of 16, the results of other groups, Indonesia (1 win, two losses, three points), will determine whether Japan will advance to the round of 16. In this tournament, four teams with good performance among the third-place finishers in the six groups can advance to the tournament.

Chances are high that Korea and Japan will also face off in the round of 16. Japan will meet the No. 1 player in Group E in the round of 16. Korea is most likely to be No. 1 in Group E. If Korea wins in the third group match against Malaysia and Jordan in the same group fails to beat Bahrain, it will be possible.

In fact, the Japanese media raised various scenarios ahead of the third round match. The match between Korea and Japan was quite burdensome. However, Japan chose the “final match” method. The Japanese team took the second place after beating Indonesia. 토토사이트 추천

Japan brought out the 4-3-3 formation. Ayase Ueda (Feyenoord), Keito Nakamura (Lance), and Ritz Doan (Friburg) took the three-top role. Leo Hatate (Celtic), Wataru Endo (Riverpool), and Takefusa Kubo (Real Sociedad) coordinated their teams in the midfield. The four-back players were Yuta Nakayama (Huddersfield), Koki Makida (Union), Takehiro Tomiyasu (Ahnall), and Seiya Mikuma (Cerezo Osaka). The goalkeeper was Zion Suzuki (Sintrawideon). Despite poor performance at the upcoming event, he was trusted again.

Indonesia faced off with a 5-4-1 formation. Rafael Strug, who plays for ADO Denhag in the Dutch league, played as the best striker. Japan scored the first goal in the early hours. From the fourth minute of the first half, the Indonesian defense led Japanese striker Ueda. The referee declared a penalty kick after VAR. Ueda himself played as a kicker and finished the game.

Japan continued to lead the game. Through strong pressure in the 24th minute of the first half, the team garnered offense, and immediately proceeded with the attack. Kubo connected the ball that was hit by the opponent team’s defense with a direct shot. As the ball was shot by the right foot, not the left foot, the goal was not properly set. Nakamura’s shot hit the post in the 35th minute of the first half.

Japan also missed a last-minute chance in the first half. Ueda touched a cross by right fullback Mykuma. However, the team was blocked by Indonesian bullet defense. The first half ended 1-0.

Japan, which also pushed its opponent in the second half, scored an additional goal. It broke out in the 7th minute of the second half. The main character was Ueda once again. The cross given by Doan from the left side passed all the Malaysian defense. Ueda, who was on the other side of the goal, pushed lightly without any interference.

Japan continued its offense. Doane’s critical left foot shot in the ninth minute of the second half missed the post. Indonesia also had a chance. However, Marcellino Perdinan (Perssevaya) shot a mid-range goal high into the air. Japan was injured when its ace Egi Vikri (Dewa United) was stomped on by Takumi Minamino (AS Monaco). Eventually, he was substituted at the 28th minute of the second half.

As Indonesia lost its offensive resources, its chasing power also declined. The Japanese defense also intensively blocked the opponent’s attack. Rather, Japan scored a decisive goal in the 43rd minute of the second half. Indonesian center back Justin Herbner kicked Ueda’s shot into his goal. Indonesia also scored a comeback in extra time in the second half. However, there was not enough time to tie the game. In the end, Japan won and finished second in the group, advancing to the round of 16.

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