“It wasn’t rosin, it wasn’t sweat.” Finishing 100 million dollars, leaving without throwing a ball…Foreign substances detected, 10G suspension

New York Mets closer Edwin Diaz (30) made a save in the ninth inning, but was sent off without throwing a single ball. He will be suspended for 10 games due to detection of foreign substances.

Diaz took the mound as the team’s fourth pitcher in the bottom of the ninth inning with a 5-2 lead over the Chicago Cubs in the 2024 Major League Baseball at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois on the 24th (Korea Standard Time). 토토사이트 추천

However, after the judges checked Diaz’s hand, hat and glove, they found sticky foreign matter. Big Karapaza, the team’s chief referee, immediately exited the team. Diaz complained of unfairness and Mets manager Carlos Mendoza came out to appeal, but the situation did not change.

A pitcher who is ejected for violating foreign substances regulations will be automatically suspended for 10 games. Diaz is the third Mets pitcher after Max Scherzer (Texas Rangers) and Drew Smith last year.

According to local media including “MLBcom,” Diaz said after the game, “The referee tried to send me off as soon as he saw me. I understand because this is their job. It’s part of the game, but it happened because the rosin I used to use was stained with soil,” adding, “I was helping my team win after coming back from the injured list, but I’m so sad to miss 10 games.”

“It was definitely not the rosin and sweat. We checked this thousands of times. I know what it feels like. It was really sticky. There was no doubt that it was too sticky. It didn’t even take long to check,” he said, confidently adding that it was a foreign substance. “A rule is a rule. We have to abide by it.”

Smith rushed out of the Mets after finishing the game in vain. Smith managed to secure two outs by striking out Ian Happ and Christopher Morel, who had a fly ball to right field, and was replaced by Jake Deakman after getting a heavy hit by Dansby Swanson. Deakman gave Patrick Wisdom a strikeout to keep the Mets within 5-2. Deakman won his third save of the season, and Smith held his sixth. After overcoming Diaz’s unexpected exit variables, the Mets have 37 wins and 39 losses, and are close to winning the 500th game.

Diaz has been sluggish in 23 games (23 innings) with 2 wins, 1 loss, 7 saves, 2 holds and an ERA of 4.70. He is anxious enough to have four blon saves. At the end of last month, he was on the injured list due to shoulder collision syndrome. Since his return on the 14th, he wanted to find stability by pitching three consecutive innings without allowing a run, but this time, he has another vacancy due to the sudden exit of foreign substances and suspension of 10 games.

Diaz, a right-hander from Puerto Rico, has played for the Mets since 2019 since his debut with the Seattle Mariners in 2016 and has a total of 212 saves in eight seasons. He was recognized as the best closing pitcher in the major leagues by receiving the Mariano Rivera Award in 2018 and the Trevor Hoffman Award in 2022.

After a career-high season in 2022 with 61 games (62 innings), 3 wins, 1 loss, 32 saves, 1.31 strikeouts, and 118 strikeouts, he renewed his contract with the Mets for five years and 102 million dollars. He became the first closing pitcher to receive more than 100 million dollars of treatment, but has since become a “eat and run.”

After making a save in the first round of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) match against the Dominican Republic in March last year, he was out for the season in vain after rupturing his right knee tendon. Although he returned to the mound this year, he showed unstable pitching before leaving the club twice due to injury and foreign substances.

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