If you want a hot fall, look out for the ‘KBO MVP’… Pedi, the ML trade board

Eric Peddy, a right-hander who plays for the Chicago White Sox in the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB), is heating up the big league trade market day after day. With only a month and a half left before the official trade deadline (August 1st in Korea), the team desperately needs to reinforce the starting mound is paying attention to Peddy.

He is serving as the lone ace for the White Sox this year. He has four wins and one loss with an ERA of 3.10 (28 earned runs in 81 ⅓ innings) in 14 starts. He has 77 strikeouts, and is also showing impeccable performance in detailed indicators such as his batting average of 0.228 and WHIP of 1.16.

He also boasts innings capacity. He has played only two games in which he failed to complete five innings. He has also embroidered quality start (more than six innings and less than three earned runs) five times, and three of them are quality start plus (more than seven innings and less than three earned runs). At a game against Tampa Bay on April 29, he took the mound until the ninth inning to display stellar performance by allowing two runs in eight ⅓. 토토사이트 추천

The performance is beyond imagination. He was a promising prospect who joined the Washington Nationals in the first round of the 2014 MLB Rookie Draft, but he has not shown much in the past six seasons in the MLB.

Since his debut in the big league in the 2017 season, he has never finished a single inning (162 innings) as a member of the Washington D.C. until the 2022 season. Average earned run also hovered around the 4-5 point range. Some people raised voices that his growth rate was slow and that he might have reached his limit. Eventually, he was released as a non-tender by the Washington D.C. after the 2022 season, and experienced pain of being released.

He attempted a challenge. He accepted NC`s offer in the KBO League and boarded a plane bound for Korea. It was a huge success. He also had 20 wins and six losses, a 2.00 ERA and 209 strikeouts in 30 games last year. This is the first record of 20 wins and 200 strikeouts in 37 years since Sun Dong-yeol in 1986. With sweeper equipped with a new weapon, he won the most valuable player in the league and even the goal glove in the pitcher category. The White Sox gave him a two-year, 15 million-dollar contract ahead of the end of this season.

Peddy has completely revived as he brought the KBO spirit back in the big league. However, one thing is beyond laughing at the team’s performance. The White Sox rank overwhelmingly in last place with 18 wins and 52 losses in the American League Central. Beyond the AL, they are the only team with 10 wins in the entire league, and only have a winning percentage of 0.257.

As the White Sox are going to have an undoubted tanking season, rumors of a trade with them are bound to be endless. Recently, many teams including the San Diego Padres, St. Louis Cardinals, and Atlanta Braves have been named as the team that is aiming for Peddy. There are even rumors in the U.S. that his transfer probability is virtually 100 percent. Everyone is paying keen attention to his next destination.

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