If proven guilty, the player could face severe punishment

According to one of the unnamed sources, Potter was not betting on college basketball or the NBA while his account was still active. The source claimed that Potter was “always firing” him, claiming that he had placed more than 1,000 sports bets with FanDuel.

An unnamed source claimed to have stopped betting weeks before signing with the Raptors, despite a slew of sports bets Potter claims to have made. Potter’s brother, Michael Porter Jr., is recognized by the basketball community as an important member of the Denver Nuggets, the 2023 NBA Championship winner.

Earlier this month, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver warned that he could face a permanent ban if the gambling charges against John Taylor prove to be true. He explained, “That’s the level of authority I have here. Because nothing is more serious in this league when it comes to gambling. It’s about betting on our game.”

Recently, there have been two games against Potter involving betting on props and raising suspicions. One of the games was between the Raptors and the Kings on Mar. 20. The professional athlete did not finish the game after leaving early because of an illness.

On the other hand, against the Clippers, Potter ran for only four minutes and left. At the time, the professional basketball player said that an eye injury he sustained a few days ago worsened again. 토토

In both cases, sports betting companies have collected large sums of compensation, raising concerns about the player’s behavior. Potter has been placed on leave from the Raptors while an investigation into Potter is currently underway.

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