“I don’t even live in Korea”… Why Park Ji-sung burst into laughter over rumors of recruiting Guk-Him

On the 14th, Park spoke directly about the recent political recruitment rumors at an event where JS Foundation, which he chairs, gives scholarships to soccer youth. According to a video released by SBS and others on the same day, Park laughed aloud, saying, “I hope you don’t make an offer in the future.”

“I was surprised to hear that such a rumor came out because my current residence is not in Korea,” he said. “I don’t think that will happen.” Park, who is in charge of technical director of Hyundai Motors and Manchester United FC Ambassador, is said to be traveling between Korea and London. 온라인경마

Park said again, “I have never imagined becoming a politician, and I have never felt the need to imagine such a thing.” Earlier on the 11th, a media outlet reported that the People’s Power is considering recruiting Park and nominating him for Suwon. In response, the People’s Power Talent Recruitment Committee dismissed it, saying, “It has become a free expression of opinion in the process of discussing recruiting talent.”

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