Helicopters, spying on Ohtani’s mansion?Dodgers ‘banned’ two Japanese stations

On the 12th, the Japanese media ‘Hyundai Business’ reported that “The Dodgers froze the coverage pass of two broadcasters, Nippon TV and Fuji TV.” This means that the pass for coverage has been suspended.

According to reports, Ohtani’s management company has banned the transmission of videos related to Ohtani to two broadcasters, Nihon TV and Fuji TV, including past materials. As a result, Nihon TV had to completely replace the videos used in the special broadcast on the 9th.

The media attributed the Dodgers’ ban to excessive coverage of Ohtani’s new honeymoon house. It is pointed out that the problem was that the two broadcasters reported a video that could specify the location of Ohtani’s new mansion.

Earlier on the 23rd and 25th of last month, Nihon TV unveiled the building that appears to be the exterior of Ohtani’s mansion without mosaic through “News every.” At the time, the reporter introduced the house, saying, “It appears to be a mansion purchased by Ohtani,” adding, “The entire area of the site is 4,000 square meters,” and “There are a gym, sauna, theater, and basketball court.”

On the 24th of last month, he filmed the exterior of the Ohtani mansion and the surrounding buildings through the Fuji TV morning broadcast program ‘Mezamashi 8’, and covered nearby residents.

Hyundai Business quoted a local resident as saying, “The two broadcasters reported in detail about Ohtani’s newlywed home near Los Angeles (LA). There seemed to be a concern that this might pose a risk to his wife, Mamiko Tanaka.”

Another media outlet, Shukan Jose, quoted a sports journalist familiar with overseas sports as saying, “Since Otani bought the mansion, reporters with cameras have appeared day after day, and helicopters have been floated in the sky. There seems to have been excessive coverage that interferes with the lives of nearby residents and reports that are seen as acts of nuisance. Otani could not have overlooked it.”

In the United States, media speculated that Ohtani was believed to be concerned about such an accident as there are frequent incidents of family kidnapping or ransom demand due to burglaries in celebrity homes.

Ohtani reportedly purchased a mansion in Flintridge, La Canada, where luxury houses in Los Angeles (LA) are concentrated, for $7.85 million (about 10.72 billion won). 토토사이트 추천

The new mansion Ohtani purchased is a three-story mansion with 7,727 square feet (about 206 pyeong) built in 2013, with a site of 1,224 pyeong. It has five bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, a kitchen with custom storage, an indoor and outdoor living room and a movie theater, a sauna, a gym, a basketball court, and a balcony and spa.

Ohtani had rented a suite room in the Dodger Stadium when he moved to the Los Angeles Dodgers, but it is estimated that he will stay with his wife, Mamiko Tanaka, while getting a newlywed house. Last month, Ohtani attracted much attention by buying a large villa in Hawaii that is traded at around 20 billion won (approx.

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