Fire bowler of 501 billion won will leave first? Trade blue chip as attractive as the son of a monster who broke up with Ryu Hyun-jin

As the Toronto Blue Jays lose their strength in the American League wild-card race, the possibility of a trade between star Vladimir Guerrero Jr. or Bobissett is drawing attention every day. Recently, as Bissett was on the injured list and Guerrero was active, MLBcom said it was better to clean up Guerrero this summer.

However, if Toronto decides to become a real seller, we cannot rule out the possibility that Lee will be sold out ahead of Guerrero and Bissett. It is Kikuchi. He is a left-handed fireballer who throws fast balls in the mid-90s. He is in his mid-30s, but he is a free agent after finishing this season anyway. It would be strange if the postseason contenders are not interested in him.

Blitzer Report ranked the starting pitcher trade market on the 21st (Korea time). Kikuchi was ranked 5th. Gerrett Croeshire and Eric Peddy (Chicago White Sox), who ranked 1st and 3rd, are drawing great attention, but Kikuchi is also expected to be worth it. 사설 토토사이트

Kikuchi started the game against the Cleveland Guardians on Sunday. He lost pace a little in June. He slowed down by two wins and two losses with an ERA of 4.87 in four games in June until right before the game against Cleveland. However, the gap between strike and ball is not as big as before anymore. He has seen his self-destruction due to overuse of balls, which is commonly referred to as “flying.”

The final season of his three-year, 36-million-dollar FA contract with Toronto. Looking back on the past three years, he has gradually increased his power over time. He had the best season of his career with 11 wins, 6 losses and 3.86 ERA in 32 games last year. Seung-woon is not as good this season as he did last year, but Cebu Stat has some better things than last year.

He is on pace to give up the fewest walks since his MLB debut in 2019, and complies with both his hit rate and WHIP. According to Statcast, he averaged 95.6 miles at four-seam this season. His hit rate is not much different, 0.270 last year and 0.269 this year. The value of his pitches has increased slightly, however, both last year and this year. The curve also went up from 1 last year to 3 this year. The hit rate for curves, sliders, and changeups all decreased slightly compared to last year.

“Since Kikuchi signed a three-year, 36-million-dollar contract, interpretations of the money have been mixed,” Blitzer Report said. “He was pushed to the bullpen for the first season, but he rebounded in the 2023 season. He has gotten better this season. All four pitches have at least 25 percent inducement of swing and miss. FIP (defensive end-run average) is also good. It gives ample reason to be optimistic about his future moves.”

For Kikuchi, this is a very important time in his major league career. If traded to a postseason contender club, its value in the FA market this winter will vary depending on how the club finishes this season. Even if the price does not increase significantly from the $12 million AAV level three years ago, the advantage of being a fast-balling left-hander is certain.

Unlike Guerrero or Bisset, which is still uncertain whether Toronto will trade or not, trading Kikuchi is not too burdensome. Rather, if you decide to rebuild or retool, you can earn a certain gain through Kikuchi.

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