Dodgers Korean pitching prospect Jang Hyun-suk struggles in the minor rookie league…There’s a lot to trim

Jang Hyun-suk (20. LA Dodgers), Korea’s top amateur baseball prospect and a member of the Hangzhou Asian Games team last year, is enjoying the spicy taste of professional baseball since entering the U.S.

Jang Hyun-suk, who is from Masan Yongmago and entered the U.S. after signing a contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers in the Major League last year, is playing his first season since entering the professional league this season. 토토사이트 추천

Early this year, Jang shot 97 miles (156 kilometers) from 94 miles (151 kilometers) in fastball speed at the Dodgers’ minor league spring camp in Glendale, Arizona. His breaking ball speed (cutter) also went from 85 miles (137 kilometers) to 91 miles (146 kilometers).

However, as the season begins and games continue, more weaknesses are being exposed than advantages. As of Tuesday (Korea time), Jang has been sluggish with one win, one loss and an ERA of 9.00 while pitching 12 innings in a total of seven games (five starts) this season. Not only his superficial performance but also his WHIP, an indicator of the number of runners allowed per inning, is also bad at 1.50. This means that he sends out 1.5 runners per inning.

The “Inningeter” that is required of starting pitchers has yet to be seen. There are many things to be refined in a number of areas other than ball speed. Although he is considered a promising player, he is still close to a gemstone.

One good thing is that Jang was exempted from military service due to his gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games last year. As a result, he has the best environment to concentrate on baseball, free from military affairs.

In addition, when he signed with the Dodgers last year, he scored 60 points in the fastball and breaking ball categories in his scouting report released by the Major League’s website ( ). Scoring 60 points in the scouting report scale, which gives him a minimum of 20 points and a maximum of 80 points, means that he has outstanding talent above average.

Jang’s most recent appearance was on July 18, when he started the game against the Texas-affiliated rookie team, allowing only one walk during three innings, and displaying good pitching without allowing a single run. While allowing no single hit, he struck out six. As a result, he was able to lower his ERA to 9.00 this season, which had soared to 12.00.

A total of 15 teams will compete in the Arizona Rookie League, where Jang is playing, starting in early May and ending July 25 (local time). In an interview with MHN Sports that he met at the spring camp earlier this year, Jang said with a bright smile, “I am not in any pain, and I am in good physical condition and good condition. I am doing fine except for the language.”

“We are preparing well to play the season healthy in a good environment,” he said. “As it is my first professional season, I am focusing on adapting to the new environment without much greed.” Attention is focusing on whether Jang Hyun-suk, who has played well in his recent appearance, will be able to continue his momentum and perform as a prospect in his next appearance.

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