“Are you 22 years old?” Skins, crazy stability. “The Rookie of the Year is a game changer.”

Paul Skins (22, Pittsburgh Pirates), who was selected as the No. 1 player in the first round in last year’s rookie draft, has become a top starter in a year, shaking the game of rookie.

Through Sunday (Korea time), Skins pitched 39 1/3 innings in seven games this season, winning four games and recording an earned run average of 2.29. He had 53 strikeouts.

In addition, Skins showed very good performance in detailed xERA, FIP, and xFIP. In particular, his xFIP is lower than his ERA. 스포츠토토사이트

Shortly after the draft, Skins passed the Minor League Rookie League and Single A in just three games. Since then, Skins has ended last year in Double A.

In his second year as a professional player, he was promoted to Triple-A and posted an ERA of 0.99 in seven games. He no longer has a reason to be in the minor league.

In response, Pittsburgh called up Skins to the Major League on May 12. He made his Major League debut less than a year after the rookie draft.

After showing promise with three runs in four innings in his major league debut, Skins surprised everyone with six hitless innings with 11 strikeouts in the second game.

Since then, Skins has recorded four quality starts in seven games until the game against the Cincinnati Reds on the 18th. His pitches that he does not feel like he is a rookie.

Skins is throwing a four-seam fastball of 99.3 miles on average. However, Skins’ best weapon is a splitter that averages 94.7 miles. Very high pitch value.

In addition, Skins threw 39 1/3 innings and gave up seven walks. He allowed only 1.6 walks per nine innings. In contrast, he struck out 12.1 per nine innings.

He has a stable record that is hard to imagine as a 22-year-old rookie pitcher. He is not just overwhelming batters with his fastballs. He is displaying stable performance like a 32-year-old pitcher.

If Skins continues to show these pitches without completing the first half, the National League Rookie of the Year game could quickly turn around.

The last winner of the Rookie of the Year award from Pittsburgh was Jason Bay in 2004. He is also the only winner in Pittsburgh’s history. Attention is focusing on whether Skins will be the second winner.

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