Ahn Hyun-beom, who visited Jeju “for the first time” after moving to Jeonbuk, said, “I tried not to pay attention to booing as much as I could during the hard time for two months.”

Ahn Hyun-beom started against Jeonbuk Hyundai in the 29th round of the “Hana One Q K League 1 2023” at Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 3rd and played full time. Ahn Hyun-beom has played six seasons since the 2016 season in Jeju uniforms until last season. However, he changed his uniform to Jeonbuk through the transfer market this summer. And the first match against Jeju. It is also the first time that Ahn Hyun-beom visited the Jeju World Cup Stadium in a Jeonbuk uniform.

It is a pity that Ahn Hyun-beom did not win after the game. He said, “I came here thinking about winning, but I drew a game that I could win,” adding, “I tried to do what I normally did, but Joo-yong (Lee) came in stronger than I thought.” I was alert. I had a feeling that it was a war. “I tried not to care as much as I could,” he said. Jeju fans also sent “yay” to Ahn Hyun-beom that day. Ahn Hyun-beom said, “Actually, a 7-8-year-old child cursed at me. “On the bright side, I thought I was a player who was loved that much,” he added.

It wasn’t an easy game. Jeonbuk struggled with Jeju’s defense. He failed to score in the end. Ahn Hyun-beom energized the right flank attack with active overlapping in the second half. “I tried to defend as hard as I could,” he said. He continued to communicate with the defense. I tried not to be penetrated as much as possible than the attack. “I overlapped once in a while, but I tried my best to play the game without losing a point as much as possible,” he said. 토토사이트

Ahn Hyun-beom immediately flies to play two consecutive away games in the A match. He was once again on the national soccer team led by head coach Jürgen Klinsmann. Ahn Hyun-beom, who also boarded in June, made his A match debut, but got off early due to a shoulder injury. “My role is nothing else,” he said. You have to prove it by learning a lot. It’s my second time going, so I think I’ll be less nervous than the first time. He has mastered his face and knows what the director wants. “My big goal is to come back without getting hurt,” he said adding, “I want the coach to play with confidence.” Always smile and be positive. They said, “Enjoy it.” It encourages me a lot of confidence,” he said with a smile.

“I didn’t know I would be selected again for the national team,” Ahn Hyun-beom said. “In fact, I didn’t even know the list was announced.” “I have only one more opportunity than others, so I have to save it well,” he said, adding, “I was not in good condition, and I had many minor injuries even after returning.” It’s been a tough time for two months. I even develop interpersonal phobia. I felt like a passing person was cursing at me. I tried to get through it. “I feel confident when I go on the ground and I believe I can do better,” he vowed.

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